In 20th century, the technology has been developed extremely. As the results, global and local environmental problems brought out. This is not due to the intrinsic problem in the modern technology itself. We think that there was the problem in the sensibility of the inventors of the technology and also of the users of the technology. There was also the problem in communication between the inventors and the users.
"Beauty" is the core of art, and it gives healing as well as emotion to human beings. This emotion awakes something berried in the depth of the human beings.
By using the sensibility, we can transmit the メbeautyモ to others and also receive it.
The arts were born and grown both in the East and in the West, as well as in communication between the East and the West. In the East, the artist expresses "beautiful smell" in the painting for example. The Eastern feel the warmness or coolness from the paintings.
They also hear music in the poem. Thus, by their sensibility they recognize the delicate feelings of the nature such as atmosphere, smell, sound, time which we cannot see by
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