Biotechnology is one of the technologies of 21st century. By using genetic engineering including cloning engineering, brand new industries, which cover environment, agriculture, and medication, have been expanding to recovery of the environment, agricultural production, functional food production, and production of new type of vaccine.
Among the biotechnologies, the "human health", and "environment" are two areas, where we relate directly.
To solve the health problems in 21st century, we have to use biotechnology, since it is based on the DNA, which determine the every structure and function of the human body and brain.
One of the serious environmental issues is processing of the solid municipal waste, wastewater, and organic waste. Biotechnology uses microorganism to process those wastes, and after the process, fertilizer is produced as theby product, and the waste becomes the harmless soil. This process is required, desired, wanted, by every creatures on the earth, and it contribute to the promotion of the agriculture.

It is very important for the developed countries to transfer the biotechnology to the developing countries to restore
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