The plasma is the forth state of the matter after solid, liquid, and gaseous state. It is very high temperature state. The plasma has been used for research in fusion energy for many years. Recently, so-called "Plasma Application" has been developed in various areas by use of the low temperature plasma, rapidly. The surface modification, which modify the surface of the solid into the one with fantastic characteristics or with new functions, decomposition of the waste, as well as new types of light sources are some of the examples. The high technologies in 21st century involve certainly those plasma applications. In the middle of 21st century, we expect "Electricity from Fusion Plasma", which is also one of the attractive points of the plasma technology. The knowledge of those plasma applications and fusion plasma are limited to the small number of the industry and research laboratory, and it is not spread widely. There is large potential in plasma technologies for invention of the new technology for sustainable development, and technology cooperation between the developed countries and developing

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