countries. This is why Plasma High-Tech Center is set-up in ArTech.

Guidance and cooperation on the research and
  • Contract a new cooperative research and development
  • Development of new industrial technologies
  • International cooperation in technology development and transfer
  • Cooperation to PlasmaNet (International network for plasma science and technology, owned by UNU and Univ.Tsukuba)
  • Guidance of patents applications
  • Marketing and economical feasibility studies, as well as the environmental assessment.

To deseminate information and the knowledge as well as to form network, we have Plasma High-Tech Association. Here, we issue newsletters, and organize meetings and lectures, as well as training courses.
One of the activities is PlasmaNet. This is the world largest network in the firld of plasma science and
technologies. It started in October, 1, 1996, by the sponsorship of the United Nations University,
Institute of Advanced Studies and University of Tsukuba, Institute of Physics. PlasmaNet has two versions of the network, the one is e-mail version, and the other is website version. Information contains conference and meeting, job oppotunities, new development of plasma physics and technologies, etc.

To subscribe e-mail version, please, contact: plasma@artech.or.jp

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